About Us

Green Frog India Foundation

Green Frog India was spawned in 1996 from a chance meeting with a green frog in the jungles of Kerala, south India. Our adventures and experiences have been the inspiration behind our up-cycled products and locally created products in our Green Frog India shop and start-up travel company. Green Frog India Foundation was born from that same encounter while distinctly separate we considered that to achieve the goals and aims of the Green Frog India Foundation it was better to have an already established platform that could reach our current and future supporters.  If you wish to pick up a great looking up-cycled innertube wallet then go to our shop where a percentage of all sales go directly into the Green Frog Foundation. However to support direct and ensure your time, money or whatever valuable resource you have reaches it’s target then go straight to the Green Frog India Foundation.

Where we are and why?

The communities that we working alongside are located in remote areas  of both south India and the Himalaya, which create a set of unique and challenging conditions which we know well. We have been born, lived and worked in these rural communities, grown up with our childhood friends  who are now adults and identified together that learning through books and play enhances children’s lives and creates and environment that expands horizons and opportunities.


Ms Khila Dev was born in a remote corner of the Himalaya and knows all about how rewarding life can be as a child in a remote community but knows equally well the constraints and challenges that both adults and children face financially and how difficult it is to give kids the tools that they need to develop into adulthood with a keen sense of learning. It is through this experience that the ideas of Children’s libraries and development through play and games came to fruition. Trained at the Indian Mountaineering Institute she is a keen trekker and has inspired 1000’s of kids to enjoy the outdoors through her own adventure company