Our aim is to put children welfare at the heart of the mountain village community, enhancing the learning environment through the provision of children’s libraries, games and sporting equipment adding a fun dimension to kids development.

Children’s Libraries

Developing children’s libraries and community space for learning by transforming previously unoccupied space into new libraries. Creating an environment that makes reading exciting and fun and opens a window to the world of books, knowledge and reading as rewarding in its own right to develop a reading habit for both the young and adults alike.

We aim to

  • Create space for libraries through regeneration of old buildings.
  • Make libraries the focal point of the community.
  • Develop the reading habit through specially selected books

Sports and Games

We come from a sporting and cycling background and have been lucky enough in our childhood and youth development to have support from coaches, teachers and our work colleagues that have been the building blocks for our development as adults. We believe that sports and games are above all fun and they help foster a healthy sense of competition and give a wider perspective on life that expands life opportunities.

We aim to

  • Support children’s development through sport and games
  • Provide much needed sporting equipment
  • Provide community cycles and promote cycling as a healthy activity